The Server

The server, or PC, or machine, what ever you want to refer to it as, is dedicated to ARK only.  This has changed, I now host Dark and Light and will add a Conan Exiles server also.

It is a Core i5 3.1GHz (2400) Quad Core – 32GB RAM – 250GB SSD

I upgraded,

Dell PowerEdge R710 with dual xeon 6 core and 96Gb Ram currently.  Three 240gb SSD drives run the servers for now.

Yes it is in my house, on a shelf, doing nothing but host ARK.  Not blocking any ports, and has bandwidth priority in my router.

I work for my ISP, so I get a heads up most of the time if I am to have any down time.  My internet connection is 400mb down, and 40mb up.