Server Connection

Note:  My server list may be out of date, but these instructions work.  Check Discord for latest server list.

Most of the time you can find any of my servers by just searching for the word, Fishfrag.

But if my IP has changed, or there is a random firewall issue, you can do it manually.  You can find a list of my servers HERE.  I try to keep this updated.

First open Steam on PC buy right clicking on the icon at the bottom right of your desktop.

In the menu open your Library.

In the Library , Click View at the top left.

In the view drop down click on servers.

In the servers window, select the favorites tab at the top, and click add server.

A new window will open to add the server IP into.

Now copy the server address into this line.

Now click find games at this address.  This makes sure the server is online.

When the server shows up in the lower part of the window, select it.  Click add server to favorites.