More Ark Servers

I currently have 11 Ark servers up and running. Click the discord link to join my discord and learn more.

New Machine

I recently upgraded my server.  I now have an actual server running my game servers.  I refurbished and upgraded a Poweredge R710, now I can host more servers at once.


Discord has a live feed of all my servers.  Status updates when servers go up and down.

Chat to my server from discord, and back again.


Feel free to use it while playing.

New router and added UPS

I had to change server ports due to port conflicts, please just search again for servers. or check this post on my old site.


I added a battery back up, woo hoo.  no more brown out power loss for the server.

At this time the server is not on a UPS, with the new machine I will need to buy a bigger UPS since it uses a bit more power.


If you have Ark installed on an SSD drive, you load into modded servers 10x faster……………


Just saying, lol

6.0 and 5.0 Linked

My 6.0 servers are linked to 5.0, but the survivor levels are different.  You should be able to safely transfer without loosing progress.  Due to Dino mod differences, I have Dino upload and download to and from 6.0 disabled at this time.


If you plan on traveling server to server its best to Sub to all mods on 5.0 collection.

Servers redo

With it now in release, and due to inactivity.  Most all bases were decomposed, and I forgot what I had.  I am Re Wiping and reloading just 4 basic servers.  Island, Ragnarok, Center, and SE.  I will be removing some mods also.  I will redo the mods list once I am done.  Al servers will have exact same setting, aside from map.  They should all have same mods, I will put Dragons on Island for sure, and maybe Center again, Rag and SE will be Dragon mod free.